Video 12 Apr

Varnish developer Poul-Henning Kamp describes the possible astroturfing of OpenSSL back in February of this year. Scary stuff.

Video 10 Mar

This is the game performance app I have been developing over the weekend.   Its primary focus is Planetside 2, but it should work for any other game as well.

Photo 4 Mar What I get when I have to open up my WHOIS information to get a code signing cert. Sigh. I obviously can’t prove this case, but I did just open up the domain privacy settings yesterday, and listed my number on white pages for Comodo to verify. :(

What I get when I have to open up my WHOIS information to get a code signing cert. Sigh. I obviously can’t prove this case, but I did just open up the domain privacy settings yesterday, and listed my number on white pages for Comodo to verify. :(

Text 1 Mar Getting my own Code Signing Certificate

Today I signed up for a five year code signing certificate.  Kind of a step up as a software developer to put in the trust level for software to say “Israel Lopez” wrote/built this code.

Link 23 Feb SCALE 12x»

Another year, and its SCALE again. This time around, I’m going to be paying more attention to the Big Data track, as I have a little side project to analyze Video Game Performance.

Link 19 Feb Google Fiber chooses nine metro areas for possible expansion»

This is great news, I’m glad that there is more information about Google’s Fiber expansion.  Just yesterday I was dealing with a customer’s multi-state infrastructure.  The San Francisco’s office server had some resources a Los Angeles user needed to access.  The San Francisco server had such a bad connection that it was really starting to affect my users perception of the application that I wrote.

Businesses Need Higher Bandwidth, and Lower Latency.  There is so much more you can do if the Atlanta office and the Los Angeles office could keep a line between them of 10mbps and 50ms round-trip-time. 

Right now we have to deal with 1.5mbps, and on average RTT of 250ms or greater.

I really need to get this customer on MPLS.

Text 16 Feb Troubleshooting Phantom Input BMW E90 Board Computer

I own a 2008 BMW 328i Sedan, and I really do love this car.  Mechanically its perfect, electrically well… its interesting.

One of the problems i’ve had with this car is that the Board Computer display in the Center of the Instrument Cluster likes to change settings on its own or stops working entirely.

Here is the first video of symptoms, the BC button is inoperative.

I took it in to get it serviced because it was a BMW under the CPO program, they had it for about a week and could not replicate the problem. In person and over the phone they told me they were working with BMW Corporate to figure out the problem. They gave it back to me with a new Control Stalk (ZSL) and said that the melted right turn indicator socket was the cause and to fix the problem it needed to be replaced, however that was out of warranty.

So I did.


But it never really resolved the problem.  This morning I was able to capture a new symptom, the BC Operates Independently. 

I’m hoping to get some ideas about what I can do to fix this. Because trying to reset the service intervals, and change settings in the car can be very problematic when the BC Button is Inoperative.  Anyone have ideas?

Video 14 Feb

This is just a little project of mine where I’m trying to self-diagnose performance problems in a video game. (PlanetSide 2)

In my line of work I’m exposed to a variety of scenarios/code/people where I’m simply the new guy/consultant/3rd party and I’m asked to make sense of the situation.

I’ve found my best work has been when I have been thrown into a situation that I didn’t help create. Most of the time I’m fixing problems/code I didn’t create.  So when things are slow I like to dabble in creating problems for myself, or applying myself to a problem no one asked me to look at.

One of these instances is game performance within a complex system like an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game).  Not only is PlanetSide 2 an MMO, but it is also an FPS (First Person Shooter).  In a First Person Shooter game performance is strongly correlated to your performance, being able to react quickly (think; shoot them before they shoot you) helps immensely in the game play. 

I play using a system that is not ideal, but I think the game performance should be consistent and scale from low-end hardware.

The above graphs is data collected from Windows Performance Monitor and EVGA Precision X.  I’m not going to provide any conclusions from the data above, its just something pretty to look at.  I used basic text editing tools, Microsoft Excel, and R Studio (w/ ggplot2) to generate the graphs above.

Later I may decide to build a “big data” analysis engine to collect data from many other players of various hardware qualities/play styles to gain a better insight into what causes drops in performance.  Or at the very least track the PlanetSide 2’s developers improvements or regressions in game performance.

Link 12 Feb Fishbowl Report Tools - Query Fishbowl Databases»

Following up on my last release I’ve put this project up.  Its not currently FOSS, I’m not ready to put it up yet on github or with all the code released. 

However, I do plan on doing so in the next few months.

The software is available, and it is considered AS-IS, with no warranty.  If you corrupt your database that is on you.

Link 11 Feb JasperEmail - Email Jasper Reports»

Today im releasing my first Open Source project built on Java; JasperEmail.  It is a small utility that allows you to generate and email attachments of JasperReports. I needed the ability to generate reports outside of a commercial products.  You would be able to pair this with *nix cron OR Windows Task Scheduler.  I originally was going to develop this  from scratch, but I found RunJasperEmail and decided to fork it.

For now I have a few ideas of what I want to do with it, but it has been changed to support JDBC datasources, and SSL/TLS email (gmail).

If anyone wants to collaborate on this project, please send me a message on github.

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